To start with all you need is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (there are a few pairs of boxing gloves available to borrow at the gym but you should really buy your own for hygiene reasons if you do have your own gloves etc. please bring them along. As you get more experienced you will need hand wraps, a gum shield, boxing gloves, shin/instep protectors and a groin guard. All Equipment can be purchased from the club but you are not obliged to buy from us if you don't want to. All students will be required to become a gym member which is £15 per year and includes affiliation to the UKMF (United Kingdom Muaythai Federation) and insurance which covers student while training and competing. All students will be required to become a member once they have had their first free lesson. 

What equipment will I need?

A general class consists of a warm up, pad work, technique drills, grappling and for the more advanced students sparring, however sparring is optional! Classes are quite informal and relaxed and everyone who attends will be encouraged to work to their own level of fitness/ability,
 you will be surprised at what you can achieve with a bit of dedication & commitment! All beginners will start by learning to kick, knee, punch & elbow by doing pad work and working on their technique by doing technical drills with a partner. Once a student has achieved these basics the next step is sparring (which is optional) and no-one is forced to do anything they don't want to that’s not how we work. Your instructor will let you know when you are ready.

What Happens in a Class?

The majority of people who train Muaythai do so for various reasons such as fitness, self-defence, build confidence plus many others. To reach the required standard for competition requires a lot of commitment and dedication and is not for everyone, no-one will be pushed into competition, it must be your own personal choice. However for those who wish to compete the personal rewards can be huge and our team of dedicated trainers and fighters will guide and encourage you to achieve your goals!

Do I have to fight or can I just train?

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