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Dragon's Gym provides classes for all ages and abilities. We provide an awesome program for all our members, no matter their interests or level of experience.

All classes must be booked in advance. Anyone who would like to start training with us send us a pm and we will let you know availability and give you instructions on how to sign up to our booking system. Please do not try to book on without contacting us first as the booking will not go through, it needs to be authorized before you can book!

You can contact us via:

Facebook (Dragon's Gym Carlisle)


Phone or text: 07772232423


Muaythai is a martial art accessible to people of all ages, including children (girls and boys).
Juniors are introduced to the basics of Muaythai through a solid foundation of technique and mutual respect for 
instructors as well as other students. A combination of pad work, technique and light sparring (no head contact) 
mixed with some general fitness work helps our younger students develop their social skills in an athletic
 environment, with the class emphasis on fun. The Junior classes are 40 minutes long.
Through Muaythai , youngsters will benefit enormously from the inevitable physical and mental improvements, as well as improve their self-confidence and self-awareness and help keep them quick and agile, healthy and strong. 

Please check out the timetable for days and times.

    £4 per class

Our class sizes are limited and all classes must be booked in advance.


 Our adult & secondary age classes are very popular and are a great way to keep fit and learn at the same time. They vary from high intensity bag classes coupled with functional fitness exercises, to pad work, partner drills and easy contact sparring. They are a great way to get started in Muaythai as the emphasis is on learning good technique and fitness. 

We are no longer lend out gloves so you will need your own boxing gloves to start with, these can be picked up fairly cheap and a 10oz pair of gloves are sufficient to get started with.

To start your journey with us send us a message to register your interest and we will inform you on availability and send you details on how to sign up to our booking system.

Check out the timetable for class days and times.


Unlimited monthly membership £50 pcm.

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