The advanced/ fighters class is for those students who wish to take their training to the next level. In this class We cover things like advanced pad work and sparring and learn to master the art of grappling. Although this class is aimed at the more advanced students and our team of fighters it does not mean that you have to fight if you attend this class, it is just the training that is advanced and you will be doing the same training as those who are training to fight. 

Our strength and conditioning classes are a vital part of any fighters training regime and we are proud to be associated with Border City Crossfit. Not only do we have excellent training facilities to help you achieve your targets but also access to the wealth of experience and knowledge of the Border City Crossfit team which has had a massive positive impact already on our fight team.

If competition is what you are after then our team of instructors will be there to push, encourage and support you
throughout your journey. It wont be easy but the rewards are huge, both mentally and physically.

Lets see what you can achieve!

Advanced/ Fighters Muaythai

Dragon's Gym


Tel: 07772232423

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Unit 1, Lorne Street, Carlisle, Cumbria. CA2 5XW